EL storage: make file publicly available via Wasabi Console

With EL storage, we offer you a scalable and cost effective S3-compatible cloud storage, based on Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage technology.
In our helpdesk articles we show you how to administer EL storage via Wasabi console.

It is easily possible to make files and documents available on your own website, for example to relieve your web space. In this article we will show you how easy this works. 
Note: This is only possible with a full version and not with a trial version.

By default, all files and folders that you or your customers transfer to EL storage are initially set to "private", making them inaccessible from outside. To make files publicly available, select the relevant data, click on the icon with the three dots on top of each other and then decide to make them public. 

For a single file, just click on it and you can conveniently control sharing via the right menu, as shown in the screenshot:

You can copy the link directly from the interface to the clipboard. Your files are always accessible via the name of the EL storage bucket in combination with the URL of our technology carrier Wasabi in two ways: 


If these steps are performed for an entire folder, all files inside are automatically public - however, data added later will be reassigned to private mode first. Use one of the following URL combinations:


You can now include this path on your website, for example behind a download button or as an image file. It is also possible to publish large files like installation media (.EXE or .ISO) this way. Likewise, it is possible to set up a redirect with your domain provider if you want to make a document available behind the subdomain document.example-itcorp.com.