BackupAssist 10.4.3 veröffentlicht

BackupAssist 10.4.3 wurde heute veröffentlicht. Hier die Release Notes:


  • BackupAssist's backup home page will display clearer, colored icon to indicate if CryptoSafeGuard is on or off.
  • The CryptoSafeGuard settings UI will now have 3 tabs to separate the different sections.

User Interface

  • Corrected repeated text in the BackupAssist Desktop Experience build's 'About' dialog.

Cloud Backup

  • AWS cloud backup jobs will provide a serious warning if the AWS lifecycle feature is enabled as it can delete unchanged files (image chunks), rendering a backup unusable.
  • Azure Cloud backups will now use the new Azure 'connection string' instead of the 'Account name' and Access key' on the Setup destination screen. Existing backups can still use the 'Account name' and Access key' and their backups will automatically be given a 'connection string' by Azure.

Selections screen

  • The Estimate Size button on the Selection screen will now also calculate the size of selected VSS applications.

Backup User Identity

  • BackupAssist will only require a Backup User Identity for jobs that need to access NAS destinations or use the SQL add-on. For these jobs, the BUI will open during the job's creation and list the accounts that could be used.

Application start up

  • Sped up the application launch time
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